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November 16 2013

I play my 3DS with the 3D on
— the strongest of humans. the iron-fisted. the cobalt-willed. those who reduce mountains to rubble with fell swings  (via keyitems)
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Drawing pictures at school
I think I need to stop drawing fish girls ^^’

I really like the idea of Nepeta’s revenge. Even if I really like Gamzee, I can’t forgive him Equius >:[

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It’s got Bette Midler

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It’s been 6 generations and this guy is still tripping balls over science and technology. 

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This was an art project for school, the assignment being to do a piece on some social injustice. As a person who has been, is, and likely will be depressed in the future, I feel a strong shame when the topic of depression is brought up in a social setting, as if my struggle is some kind of a disease. The way depression is talked about is, for some reason, separate from the way physical injuries are discussed. My pain and injury is no less than that of someone with physical evidence that there is something wrong, which is absolute bullcrap. 

Anyway, I hope you like the comic. /end of rant. 

Holy shit Hannah.

From what I’ve heard, Glee is a car full of cool people with a drunk driver.
— My brother (via babblegirl)
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Supernatural 9x07 Sneak Peek - Bad Boys [HD] 

There’s this gas leak at McKinley High and people kind of lose it a little bit and I think Blaine goes through this thing where he starts seeing everyone’s characters as muppets.
Matthew Morrison talking about “Puppet Master” (via fyeahgleeclub)
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I can not handle the sass in this scene

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im actually going to cry

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One of my favorite DW moments. EVER.

that was basically fanfiction


anyone who sleeps with their door open is asking for demons

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i think i’m getting better.. hahahaha


"begin your essay with an interesting fact or quote"
im gonna fucking ACE this essay

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